Unboxing and loading your parfum

Firstly, remove the outer sleeve and lift open the lid of the upper compartment of the outer box. Take out the metal Convoy case. This is the case that will hold your fragrance.

The metal case opens by pressing onto the lid and swivelling the lid.

Next, pull out the lower drawer and tear open the pouch which contains your parfum.

Remove the parfum tray from the pouch and inner bag.

You are now good to go! You can close the metal Convoy case by swivelling the lid back into the closed position.

Applying the parfum

Solid fragrances are applied directly to the body with your fingers. This has the benefit of giving you a lot more control over how much you want to apply and exactly where you want to apply the fragrance. For a lighter, more subtle scent, simply rub your fingers across the fragrance and apply it. Or use your thumbnail to pick up more of the fragrance wax if you prefer to apply more of the product for a stronger projection and increased longevity.

When applying fragrances to the body, the term pulse points frequently comes up. Pulse points are areas of the body where you can literally feel the body's pulse because of the body's arteries being closer to the surface of the skin at these specific points. These areas of the body are usually slightly warmer than other areas of the body and therefore are an ideal place to apply fragrance too. The most common pulse points to apply fragrance to are inside the wrists, behind the ears, on the neck, the inner area of the elbows and behind the knees. These are not the only areas where fragrance can be applied but they are naturally warmer and will diffuse the fragrance more effectively.

We generally recommend applying fragrance to any of your pulse points, but also to other areas such as; around the base of the neck, the jawline and the back of the neck. If you have facial hair, applying fragrance to your facial hair will enable the scent to project well and last longer too. Because our solid fragrances do not have any alcohol in them, they won't dry out your beard.