About Convoy

Convoy: from Medieval Latin conviare: "to accompany on the way"

Convoy has been a long time in the making. Originally conceived as an idea a few years ago, our mission has always been to produce the highest quality men's solid fragrances that are available, anywhere. After years of research, product development, design, analysis, testing, trial and error, alongside a lot of road, sea and air miles, we launched our first men's solid fragrance range in 2022.

Rather than sit on a shelf at home, our fragrances are designed to accompany you on the move. Designed to fit into your hand, your pocket, your bag, your car and your life, our solid fragrances can be carried anywhere and re-applied when you need them most. This is why we chose the solid form -  because of its practicality, portability and the ability to use highly concentrated fragrance formulas.

Grasse - London

We are established in London, however our fragrances are developed and manufactured by world class fragrance specialists and perfumers in the French town of Grasse. Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region, Grasse has a rich history and unrivalled experience with fragrance establishing itself as; la capitale mondiale des parfums (the world’s perfume capital.)  

Our products are made in Grasse because it enables us to work with the pinnacle of the fragrance industry in developing the best solid fragrances that we can. This aligns perfectly with Convoy’s mission.

Highly concentrated parfum grade fragrances

Fragrances can be categorised by their level of aromatic concentration. Parfum is the strongest and most concentrated type of fragrance whilst fragrances that are labelled as colognes, aftershaves and eau de toilette are less concentrated. At Convoy, we only use the highest parfum concentration levels, which enables us to produce fragrances which are more intense, last longer and only require a small amount to be applied. Because of this our fragrances are classed as parfums - a fragrance that has the highest concentration of fragrance oils.  However we frequently use terms such as cologne and aftershave to describe our products, as these terms are more recognised than the term parfum.

We hope you enjoy our solid fragrances as much as we do and please reach out to us at info@convoyuk.com or give us a call or WhatsApp on (UK) 07551 408815 / (International) +44 7551 408815 for any help or feedback.