Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solid fragrance?

Put simply, solid fragrances are a type of fragrance product that come in solid form. Rather than using liquid to hold or carry the fragrance, solid fragrances are usually wax based which eliminates the need for the product to be in a liquid form.

Why should I use a solid fragrance?

Solid fragrances offer a number of unique advantages. Firstly, solid fragrances are usually very compact which makes them more convenient, travel friendly and very portable. They can be taken with you wherever you go and re-applied more easily at different times of the day when you need them most. Because you apply the fragrance with your fingers, you also have more control of where to apply the fragrance and how much you want to apply. Our solid fragrances do not contain any alcohol, which makes them less prone to dry out and irritate your skin. Depending on the type of solid fragrance they can also be very concentrated. At Convoy, our fragrances are formulated with a high concentration of fragrance oil which means that a little goes a long way in terms of scent projection (also known as sillage) and longevity. 

How do I use a solid fragrance?

Use your fingers to rub the fragrance from the metal container and apply directly onto your skin. You can also use your thumb nail and swipe it towards yourself to pick up a larger amount of the fragrance.

Where do I apply the fragrances and what are pulse points?

When applying fragrances to the body, the term pulse points frequently comes up. Pulse points are areas of the body where you can literally feel the body's pulse because of the body's arteries being closer to the surface of the skin at these specific points. These areas of the body are usually slightly warmer than other areas of the body and therefore are an ideal place to apply fragrance too. The most common pulse points to apply fragrance to are inside the wrists, behind the ears, on the neck, the inner area of the elbows and behind the knees. These are not the only areas where fragrance can be applied but they are naturally warmer and will diffuse the fragrance more effectively.

When do I apply a solid fragrance?

That's one of the benefits of solid fragrances, you can apply them whenever you want! About to meet up for a date, go into a meeting, just come out of the gym, want to freshen up after a long journey or just fancy a top up, the portability of solid fragrances gives you the flexibility to apply them whenever you need and wherever you may be.

Do your solid fragrances contain any alcohol?

No, our solid fragrances do not contain any alcohol which makes them less prone to dry out and irritate your skin.

Solid Fragrance, Solid Cologne, Solid Parfum - Are they the same thing and what's the difference?

Not all fragrances are created equal. At Convoy, we refer to our products as solid fragrances or solid parfums (or 'parfum solide' in French) However, we understand that the term parfum can be confusing to some customers and so we use the term fragrance as a generic term to describe our products. When you see the word parfum on the front of any fragrance product, this means that it contains a higher concentration of fragrance oils within the product. A parfum is therefore a more concentrated, higher quality, stronger fragrance product as it contains more fragrance and less alcohol / water. Parfum / Extrait de Parfum are the strongest and most concentrated fragrance types with Eau de Parfum being slightly less concentrated than parfum. Eau de Toilette, Colognes and Eau Fraiche / Mists have lower levels of concentration (usually in that order, with Eau Fraiche / Mists having the least concentration.) These fragrance products are usually cheaper and don't last as long as a more concentrated parfum product. Aftershaves also have one of the lowest levels of fragrance concentration within them and they usually have a high alcohol content, which is why you get the sting / burn after shaving. Whilst alcohol kills bacteria it can also have the side effect of causing irritation and drying of the skin. Because Convoy's products contain the highest concentration of fragrance and no alcohol, we don't therefore refer to them as aftershaves or colognes. Parfum is a more accurate description of our products and the term fragrance can also be used as a generic description to describe any scent based product.

Isn't Parfum for women and your products are aimed at men?

Think of parfum as another word for fragrance - the terms can be used interchangeably. Parfum can be used by men as well as women. When you see the word Parfum on the front of a product, this categorises the fragrance concentration of the product rather than who it is aimed at.